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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Abortion Survivor

I keep seeing this video posted on Facebook, so I finally decided to watch it even though it was long, haha.  It makes the point that I was trying to make so much better than I could have put it (although not until a few minutes into the video).  I was so excited when she was saying everything that I was thinking when I posted these posts about babies' rights: Indonesian Breastfeeding Law, and Women's Rights vs. Babies' Rights.

This lady on the video, Gianna Jessen, is the survivor of a late-term abortion in the seventh month.  And her basic point is that although abortion is the quintessential issue of women's rights, where were her rights at that point?  She is, afterall, female, and yet no one was respecting her right to live.  It's worth a watch.  Pretty good points made.

Part I

Part II

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