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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Family Seat Product Review

A few months ago we bought this potty seat thinking it would be oh so convenient.  It's called the "Family Seat with Built-in Potty Training Seat" by One Step Ahead.  I've ordered from them before, and it's been hit-or-miss.  This was a definite MISS.

Here's the review I left on their website:
"First, I think that it is entirely too expensive.  After I already ordered it, two different people told me of places to get similar seats for less than half of the cost here.  And then I saw a third one at another store.  Second, the seat itself is too heavy and bulky, and my kids don't want to use it.  When they slam the seat down (which they inevitably do because they're kids), it's so heavy that the bolts come loose so it slides around.  Third, the color of the wood finish is really ugly.  (It's more reddish and fake looking than the picture.)  It's way too shiny and tacky looking for my taste, and I couldn't tell that from the pictures.  It's definitely a big eyesore in my bathroom.  Fourth, my kids don't even want to use it because it's not cushy.  And even when I use the "grown-up" seat, it's hard and awkwardly flat.  I wish I didn't get it, but I spent so much on it that I feel obligated to use it."

So don't get it!  Go to Target, Lowe's, or Walmart for a cheaper version that doesn't suck.  :)

And when you come to my house and see it, be sure to tell Samuel and Levi that it's the coolest thing ever. Thanks.  ;)

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