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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Little Miss Perfect

So Michael is sick, and I'm tired and losing steam after only 21 weeks of pregnancy, and my house is a MESS!  I've been doing really good just to get the dishes done each day, and that's only because I hate to hand wash sippy cups.  The perfectionist in me wants to just ignore my fatigue and get this house cleaned up, but trust me, I've tried.  The energy is just not there, and there's no way that I can will it into existence.

So as I've mentioned here, I've been doing a lot of introspection, soul-searching, personal inventory, whatever-you-want-to-call-it lately.  And one of my huge discoveries is that, as it turns out, my propensity toward perfectionism stems from my desire to control my life so that I don't repeat history and end up with the same screwed up family in which I grew up, instead having the perfect June Cleaver life.  (Interestingly enough, I never watched that show - too annoyingly unrealistic for me.)  And when something gets in the way (like, uh, life and reality), I get really frustrated and depressed.  I did a lot better at letting go of some of that control when I was on Zoloft, but I figure that now is a great time to work on it sans medication since I'm trying to not have to go back on it unless necessary after the baby is born.

Michael will be thrilled with this belated confession since he's been saying that for years in not so many words (or maybe it was verbatim, but I refused to listen).  It was something that I just had to learn for myself, though, in God's good timing.  I also just kept thinking that he was trying to get out of keeping the house cleaned up or the yard mowed - blame it on my neurosis...convenient.  I still think he does lean on that informal diagnosis a bit much, but I'm sure there's a meeting-each-other-halfway that can be attempted.

So anyway, if you come over unexpectedly and my house is in shambles, know that I'm working things out.  ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Women's Rights vs. Babies' Rights

When I wrote that blog post the other day about the Indonesian Breastfeeding Law, it got me so interested in the issue of women's rights vs. babies' rights.  For the record, I do think that that law is a bad idea, but it's just interesting to me, and you can read the comments to see what I meant.  I don't have an answer, but I came across this article asking the question of whether or not bars and restaurants should refuse to serve pregnant women alcohol.  Again, I think that's a bad idea, but where do babies' rights start?

There's such a fine line between babies' rights and women's oppression.  I really don't have a solution and can't get my brain around the issue completely.  Where do babies' rights end and women's rights begin and vise versa?  The US clearly takes the women's rights side of things, although I honestly don't know the laws about late-term abortions (making them illegal would be a score for babies' rights).

So anyway, those are just some of my thoughts that I thought I'd get out there.  No big solutions, just something to think about.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My New Baby Boy

There he is!  He's my little cutie-pie.  He was moving around a lot during his sonogram; I guess he was excited for us to see him.  I guess he moves around a lot anyway, though.  I'm a little concerned about his protruding upper lip (yikes), but I'm sure my little monkey will be just precious.  :-D  

So here's what I have to say about having a third boy.  Sure a little part of me was a wee bit disappointed that I didn't get a girl.  Afterall, having a girl was the whole reason that we started trying for a third in the first place.  But God obviously knew what He was doing when He gave me another boy, and He has plans for this little man that will be good.  He wanted this little guy to exist, so I'm just fine with that.

I'm not really motivated to decorate the nursery because I'm kind of tired of the bedding and decor that I had for Samuel (didn't use it for Levi since he slept with us), but I think that in the big scheme of things having three boys will be great.  Who cares about decorating a nursery in the whole scheme of life, you know?  I probably will change a few things up, though, to make it more exciting.

So that's what I think.  So don't feel bad for me!  When I found out that it was a boy, I was more concerned about disappointing everyone else than how we'd take the news since everyone really wanted a girl for us.  It's a little hard convincing people that we really will be okay with three boys.  But we will!  All you have to do is look at that little sonogram picture to realize that.  He's a person, not a concept.  :-) 

Monday, August 16, 2010

We're Coming Home!!!

I'm SOOOO excited!  We finally get to move back home today after our 3 1/2 week stay at a hotel while our wood floors got replaced.  I finished up the very last of the cleaning at our house this morning, and now I just have to pack up the hotel room and move on home.  My house right now is the cleanest I think it's ever been.  We need to hurry up and have Thanksgiving dinner because it's not going to stay that way for very long!  Everything was so dusty from when they tore out the 55 year-old floors, so everything had to be cleaned.  Surprisingly the sanding of the floors didn't cause as much dust as the demo (that's demolition for you remodeling novices - hehe) did.

So anyway, here are the long awaited pictures.  I'll give them to you in order so that you can re-live it with me.  :)  There were other better pictures on my camera, but all I could upload right now were my iPhone pictures, so you'll have to be satisfied with that.  ;)

This is the demo of our master bedroom.
Goodbye square tiles.
They taped off the dining room and kitchen, but dust still managed its way in there.  Can you tell I obsessed about it?  I think the dust is the first thing I talked about to anyone.
This is what will soon be the nursery.  I don't think anyone uses that black tar stuff to put down floors anymore.  It seems pretty archaic.
This is Samuel's favorite picture.  He thinks it's so cool.
This is the living room after they put the floors down, baseboards in, and retextured the walls.  I was so excited to get the walls retextured because they needed it really badly.  There were so many embarrassing imperfections that I noticed all the time and felt that I had to point out to everyone that came over for the first time just so they knew that I knew it looked bad.  :P  So I'm dysfunctional, whatever.  The texture they put up is really pretty, too, although I don't know what it's called.  The floor, also, had to cure for 10 days so that it could settle and they could fill in the gaps and whatnot.
The texture was still drying, but I was so thrilled anyway that I took pictures.
This was the nursery before they put the stain and finish on the floors.  I thought they looked cool without finish.  The new baseboards were a really nice touch, too.  We didn't paint any of the bedrooms because the boys' room and master bedroom were painted last October, and we're not painting the nursery until we know what we're having.  They did, however, paint all of the doors and trim (everything white) in the bedrooms and bathrooms.
Here's the hallway looking into the kitchen from the master bedroom.  I like that they boards go lengthwise on this part of the hallway.  Also, note that there is no copper pipe going across the hall anymore.  Good riddance, eyesore!  
And this part of the hallway the wood goes across, which I like because it's not the part of the hallway that one typically looks down, like the other part.
The color went up, and my nervousness about it totally went away (picking colors can be stressful).  It's called "Green River".  The last color was called "Rye Grass".
I think that the color goes really well with the red dining room.  It fits with the other colors of the house really well, too.
This is the living room floor after it was distressed, sanded, stained, finished, and dried before I put the rug back down.  I was tempted to not put a rug in there, but we need it with the kiddos.  After the last baby is older we'll get a much smaller rug to show off the floors more (and a coffee table when it would no longer be used as a launch pad).
I was still cleaning up, so don't look too closely.  ;)  We decided to have the wood run lengthwise in the living room, too, since it's rectangle.  I'm pleased with our decision.
The floor wasn't done in here, but after 2 1/2 days of cleaning everything spotlessly, I just had to take a picture of my clean dining room.  It was such a relief.  This was where ALL of our stuff from the bedrooms, closets, hall closets, and living room was stored for 3 weeks.  It was stressful to look at it, but now it's peaceful again.
This is my almost complete living room.  I haven't hung anything back up on the walls or put pictures on the bookcases yet because I'm going to scale WAY back.  Michael said that our house was beginning to look a bit like "Gramma's house" with way too many pictures on the walls.  I had to agree with him.  You know how it is: you get a picture frame here and there, and after so many years your house ends up with way too many things on the walls.  I'd like to get a few original pieces, but I'm going to wait patiently for them and deal with bare walls in the meantime.
We also scaled back on furniture.  That's another thing we'll just wait on.  I like to get a good deal on that kind of thing, so I'll wait on it (we paid only $300 for that couch back in 2001, and it's been great for us).  Plus, I'm not replacing my couch until the kids are old enough.  I did manage to get most of the peanut butter and jelly off of the cushions as well as the TV.  :)  
COMPLETE!  Well, their bedding is still at the hotel, but you get the point.  I thought about leaving the rug out of here, too, but I think they also need it in their room.  I do think the green cushy rug looks good with the dark floors, though.
COMPLETE!  This is looking down the hallway from the boys' room to ours.  This was retextured and painted, too.  I decided not to do runners in the hallway because I'm not ready to hide the floors just yet.  I doubt we'll need them any time soon, though.
This is as complete as the nursery is going to get until WEDNESDAY!!!  That's when we find out what we're having, then I go into baby decorating mode!  BTW, I've had two dreams so far that we're having a boy, so we'll see!
So my large rug takes up most of my bedroom, but we deemed it necessary.  It's just nice having a soft rug to step out onto in the morning.  It also keeps the bed from moving around since it's on know, like if we bump it while we're walking by.  ;)
I really like this view of the hallway because that light from the window in our master bedroom is there almost all day, so it looks really pretty shining down the hallway into the kitchen.  Note again the missing copper pipe being poorly hidden by an oversized hallway runner.
And again, I just wanted to take a picture of my clean kitchen.  If you saw what it looked like before, you'd know why I wanted to photograph this clean moment.  My next project is those cabinets!  I'm tired of them being the same color as the floors, so I'm probably going paint them antique white with some new handles.  Then we'll have to get new granite countertops, too.  ;)  I'm also really excited to start cooking again!  Three weeks of eating out really makes you feel bloated and gross.  Bleh!
For now, however, I'm going to be very content in my newish house.  We're not going to do anything else until we're out of house debt, which will be in two years.  I'm so thrilled with the way that it came out, and I'm really glad that it all happened in my second trimester while I have the energy to deal with it.  What great timing!  God was taking care of me.  :)  PLUS, Levi's swim lessons end tomorrow, and if we wouldn't have been able to go swimming everyday in the hotel pool, he may not have ever gotten it.  What a great blessing!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the house!  And let me know where I can get good, cheap art (original pieces, not reproductions).  

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Indonesian Breastfeeding Law

I came across this blog post on a blog that I follow and found it really interesting.  (It's a short post; just read it.)  ;)  Here's an excerpt:

The Jakarta Post reports:
Women who refuse to breastfeed their newly-born babies may face jail sentence for denying their children’s right.

Article 128 of the 2009 law on health stipulates that babies have the right to six months of exclusive breast milk unless their mothers could not fulfill their obligation due to medical problems.

Article 200 of the draft says a mother who declines to exclusively breast feed their children will face a maximum of one year in prison term or Rp 100 million in fine.
 I commented the following on it: 

It’s noteworthy that they cite the “children’s/babies’ right” to breastmilk. I think that’s great. It’s interesting how the woman’s right to choose or not choose to breastfeed overlaps with the baby’s right to have the proper nutrition s/he needs. The Indonesian law has the baby’s interest as top priority, and the US law has the mother’s. I don’t know that there’s a right or wrong either way; it’s just interesting to ponder.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Today Kinda Sucks

I'm REALLY, incredibly blessed in my life, but I'm going to vent a little right now because I don't feel that great and that's what I feel like doing.  I think I'm fighting off some summer bug because I'm WAY tired and wake up to a scratchy throat that goes away by midday.  So we've been having some minor problems with the hotel that we're staying at responding in a professional way to some of our inquiries and complaints.

One of the main complaints we had was that there was a wet spot on the floor that wasn't going away.  We've told them about it several times, and they've FINALLY done something about it.  The only problem is that now I don't have the energy to deal with it because we'll probably have to move rooms for the second time (first room smelled like smoke big time).

I came back from swim lessons with one sleeping child, one hungry child out of the womb and one in, and 5 heavy paper bags of groceries to this:


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Family Seat Product Review

A few months ago we bought this potty seat thinking it would be oh so convenient.  It's called the "Family Seat with Built-in Potty Training Seat" by One Step Ahead.  I've ordered from them before, and it's been hit-or-miss.  This was a definite MISS.

Here's the review I left on their website:
"First, I think that it is entirely too expensive.  After I already ordered it, two different people told me of places to get similar seats for less than half of the cost here.  And then I saw a third one at another store.  Second, the seat itself is too heavy and bulky, and my kids don't want to use it.  When they slam the seat down (which they inevitably do because they're kids), it's so heavy that the bolts come loose so it slides around.  Third, the color of the wood finish is really ugly.  (It's more reddish and fake looking than the picture.)  It's way too shiny and tacky looking for my taste, and I couldn't tell that from the pictures.  It's definitely a big eyesore in my bathroom.  Fourth, my kids don't even want to use it because it's not cushy.  And even when I use the "grown-up" seat, it's hard and awkwardly flat.  I wish I didn't get it, but I spent so much on it that I feel obligated to use it."

So don't get it!  Go to Target, Lowe's, or Walmart for a cheaper version that doesn't suck.  :)

And when you come to my house and see it, be sure to tell Samuel and Levi that it's the coolest thing ever. Thanks.  ;)


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