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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mental Health Day

As some of you know, I have been quite busy lately, running from here to there like a madwoman.  The last week of June was filled with swim lessons, doctors appointments, and a sick Levi.  Then the first week of July I was in San Antonio with my kids (Samuel being sick for a couple of the days) and without my husband (which I don't recommend!) running all over town catching up with family and friends.  This week I was entertaining my 13 year-old cousin from San Antonio for the first half and catching up with life and friends the second half (still doing swim lessons).  After all of that my oh so dear husband gave me a much needed mental health day today (Saturday).  And oh how I needed it!

So first I went to this swap thing at my church where a bunch of women brought stuff from their houses that they didn't want, and you got to take home whatever you wanted (like a free garage sale).  It was the perfect start to my MHD!  I ended up taking home an embarrassing amount of loot, but I'm alright with that because it was all stuff I needed.  I ended up with:
- a whole tupperware set (off-brand, already washed and put to use)
- a shower curtain (brand new, already hanging in the boys' bathroom)
- two panel curtains (brand new, going to use in my dining room after I get a rod)
- a piece of wall art (looks perfect in my bedroom)
- toiletries (Chi volumizer, BBW handsoap, body wash)
- a toy tool set (brand new, going to give to Levi as potty training incentive)
- an Old Navy jacket for Levi
- two nicely scented candles (have already been using them today)

I wanted to make sure that all of that stuff didn't turn into clutter since I just got rid of a bunch of clutter for the swap, so right when I got home I put it all to use, hanging things, washing things, and putting them away.  It really made my day.  I was so happy I went.

After that I picked up the guitar and played the same song for about an hour.  It was glorious.  I never get to play with the kids around because they just want to play with it themselves and don't allow me to get through a single verse.  I played until my uncalloused fingers could take it no longer.  It's so refreshing to me to work on something and make it good in the peace of a quiet house, uninterrupted.

Then I did a little 12-steppin' (free therapy).  [Sidenote: I'm not in a 12 step program, but I was in Ala-teen when I was a teenager, so I like to use the steps for self-help stuff.  They're truly brilliant and inspired.]  That was not what you would call pleasant, but it was good for my soul in the long run.  It was good to see patterns in my life that make me kind of crazy so that I don't have to repeat those same patterns again.

Then I made cookies, but they didn't really turn out.  So before they could harden I took the spatula and scraped them all together and made a loaf out of them and cut them into slices.  They were actually really good, and we've been munching on them.

By this point, the boys were home, and bathtime was soon approaching.  So while Michael gave the boys a bath and put them to bed, I did yard work until my hands were blistered and my arms and ankles were covered in mosquito bites (11 on my left arm alone). feels good to do yard work.  I worked in the front yard which I don't get to do often because I don't want the boys to run into the street while I'm not paying attention.  We still have more to do, but I did a LOT.  There is little as satisfying as really hard work.

Anyway, take a mental health day every once in a while.  It's way worth it.  And special thanks to Michael for coming up with the idea.  What a great husband!

By the way, this will be the last post that I'll feed into Facebook (FB looks at my blog every 24 hours and puts new posts up as notes on my account.)  I decided to stop posting to FB for a few reasons, so if you still want to follow my blog, then please visit me there:  Thanks!


  1. Just became a follower! I figure since I actually know you in real life, it might be nice to follow your blog! :)

  2. Hey Annie - so I've decided to join the Blog world. :) I enjoy reading your blog and sounds like MHD was an awesome day!


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