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Monday, February 15, 2010

When I Grow Up

So the other day Michael and Samuel were driving somewhere together, and they had the following conversation (maybe not word for word, but you get the point).

Samuel: When I grow up I can go to the school (UTA) by Dr. Harris' office like you and Mommy.

Michael: You sure can. And you can study nursing like Mimi, Uncle John, Aunt Sharon, and Aunt Courtney. Or you can study computer programming like Daddy. Or you can study to be a painter like Uncle Paul. Or you can study finance like Uncle Adam.

Samuel: [interrupts] Or I can make oatmeal like Mommy!!!

Michael: Well, Mommy went to school and got a degree in film and had a career before you came along.

Samuel: [just thinking of making oatmeal and not listening to Daddy anymore]


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