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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reagan Weighs in on Healthcare Debate

"Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachment of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations." - James Madison speaking to the Virginia Convention in 1788

This is a 1961 LP recorded speech by Ronald Reagan that is just brilliant and makes me wonder why people can't see this in today's healthcare debate. It seems so obvious.


Hey, there's a contest over at Sarah's blog - Kingdom Twindom. It will help you out with some last minute shopping for Jesus' birthday. ;)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hodgepodge Post

I was looking through my blog to try to find a link to this website that I used to love (not successful at finding it). And I remembered how much I love to blog. I guess Facebook eats up a lot of my thoughts that I used to put on my blog.

So my kids are sick right now, Levi's napping, my van is in the shop, and I'm stuck at home with no motivation to clean my house. So it's a good time to blog, but I don't have much to talk about. Rather, I do, I guess, but now that my blog is linked to Facebook, too many people can read it, so I sensor myself more than I used to. Hehehe.

Speaking of Facebook, let's talk about defriending people. Okay, so I've done it...a lot, but it doesn't feel good when I realize that I've been defriended. It's life, I guess, but I guess it's weird to "see" it happen. Before FB or My Space you didn't really "see" so clearly when people didn't like you anymore. When I've defriended people, I guess I thought that I wanted to be their friends, but then when I "saw" them all the time I remembered that I didn't like them in the first place. And the reasons that I didn't like them is because I realized that they really didn't like me to begin with, so why pretend, you know? I'm not in the business of begging people to be my friends.

So anyway, my Christmas tree is kaput. It has only drunk/drank (whichever word you're supposed to use here) about 1 or 2 inches of water the entire month. The branches are breaking off, and the ornaments (even the extremely lightweight ones) are weighing down the branches. It looks as if it spent a few hours in the sauna because it's so droopy. Needless to say, I'm never getting a real tree again. I love to leave the lights on all the time, but I haven't turned the lights on for this tree since the first day. I'm so afraid it will burn my house down. AND there's no room under the tree for presents because the branches have drooped all the way to the floor. Not cool.

So we had Christmas dinner at my mother-in-law's house on Saturday night, and it was so much fun. We had an awesome dinner, thanks to Ann. Then we did a Chinese gift exchange with the siblings and wives, and let me tell you, that's the way to go. It was so easy to shop for, no stress, no gift cards, no pressure. And everyone seemed like they had a good time. Then we sang karaoke with my brother-in-law Paul's machine hooked up to the TV afterward. That was so much fun. There's something about singing and making a fool out of yourself that brings everyone's defenses down and creates a really fun atmosphere. Also, you get to sing silly songs that you might not want to sing at a karaoke bar for fear of making a total fool of yourself. Case in point, 'Rock of Ages' by Def Leopard. Yeah, it's embarrassing that I know all the words and the ad libs, but it was so much fun to do the 80s screams. I'd say it was a pretty successful Christmas dinner. Thanks, Ann!

Oh, by the way, the weight loss contest that I joined to win $140 for the highest percentage of weight loss in December...yeah...harder than I thought it would be. I just gained two pounds last week. :( There are so many opportunities to eat sweets! If I can break even, I'll be satisfied.

Speaking of opportunities to eat, I surprised Michael for our anniversary (which is today) on Friday. I picked him up from work at lunchtime and took him to Lonesome Dove Bistro in Fort Worth before heading to a bed & breakfast in Granbury called the Inn on Lake Granbury. We had a great time and some REALLY good food at Lonesome Dove. Do yourself a favor and go there for lunch or dinner. It's really really good. Also, the inn that we stayed at was glorious. They had such attention to detail with their level of service, not to mention that the place was just beautiful. Breakfast was delicious, too. We are definitely going back there at some point, maybe in the summer when we can take advantage of the lake.

Alright, I guess that's all for my hodgepodge of thoughts. Merry Christmas, everyone!


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