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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Biggest Loser Words of Wisdom

I was watching The Biggest Loser today and heard Jillian say something so profound in terms of dieting. "Unless you've got a reason behind it, then it's torture." That really resonated with me. The purpose for your diet has to outweigh the desire to eat for the diet to work. It has to have purpose and meaning in the grand scheme of your life. And when you have that specific purpose in mind, that turtle cheesecake is a lot less attractive. Thank you, Jillian. That's good.

Jillian was training Julio one day who is a husband and father, and he kept stopping and falling down on the mat and not really trying very hard. So she gets in his face, in typical Jillian fashion, and tells him, "You know what I'm gonna think of every time I see you fall down - dead father!" I thought that was a good, albeit harsh and extreme, way to illustrate that point well. It's a big picture thing. All of those bad choices that we make are more than we think in the moment.

It's just like when you're pregnant or nursing and have all of those dietary restrictions. Alcohol or shellfish or whatever is a lot easier to refuse when you're pregnant or nursing because you have the purpose of not harming your baby. My sister always said it was no problem not smoking while she was pregnant because she didn't want to harm the baby. But once the baby was born, it was a lot harder. When I was breastfeeding Levi from about month 2 to 8 I had to give up ALL dairy, even if something was baked with milk or butter as an ingredient. It was SOOO hard because EVERYTHING has dairy in it. But every time I ate dairy Levi got so sick, so refusing it became a lot easier and eating that piece of cheesecake wasn't even an option for me. That's where I want to get with my day to day diet - that eating crap on a regular basis isn't even an option for me.


  1. I LOVE Jillian! I have a 30 day shred work-out that's only 20mins long. It's awesome. Well, I think, the only step I've taken is to buy it and the mat and hand weights to go with it. Now, I just need her to come stand over my bed and yell, "Every time I see you laying there I think, Dead Mother!" Maybe that would motivate me to get up and stick the video in the DVD player.

  2. Very well done, you two.

    John's third party critic

  3. I feel ya. I'm on a diet to get rid of some bad stuff in my blood, which means no bread stuff or sweets, including fruit, cuz it has sugar. At first it was really hard, but it's getting easier. I want my problems to be gone-that's why I've stuck with it.


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