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Monday, September 28, 2009

Sick and Tired

Well, last night was the first time that Michael and I slept in our own room without kids in 3 years and 4 months...and I was sick. So we sat in bed with the laptop picking out drapes for our new room remodel.

I'm so sick and tired of being sick. I'm normally pretty healthy. I eat well. I exercise. I take care of my body. I used to get sick about once or twice a year, and now I get sick about once a month or more. And, as gracious as Michael is, it's starting to get on his nerves (because he has to take off work, etc.), which makes me feel bad. So I went to the doctor this morning, and she ordered some blood work so we'll see what happens. (BTW, thanks for all of your doctor suggestions. I didn't have time to check into them before I went this morning, but I'm looking for one long term, so those will help a lot.)

So the doctor said that the top two things that she will check for are anemia and my thyroid levels. I looked on WebMD, and I have a lot of the symptoms of both anemia and hypothyroidism. I really hope it's just anemia because I really wanted to start trying for a baby next month. :( I am at higher risk for thyroid issues, though, because my mom has hypothyroidism. I really hope that's not it because it sucks.

OK, there's my vent. I'll let y'all know what they say. I have no idea how long I will have to wait for them to call me with the results of the blood work. We'll see.


  1. I hope you don't turn into a neurotic hypochondriac like me. In the last year I've thought I've had everything from apendicitis to a bruised uterus. In all seriousness, it could be something as simple as increased exposure to "bugs" through your children from places like sunday school at church, playgrounds or pre-school. It could by hypothydroidism but if I looked at you I wouldn't think you would fit in that category because usually those patients are overweight. I would be quicker to believe anemia vs hypothyroidism and that can be caused by anything from diet--to active bleeding--to cancer.
    Blood test will reveal all. My bet is on increased exposure to pathogens.
    BTW, have you considered allergies? I made it the first 28-30 years of my life without having allergy problems but in the last 2-4 years it has hit me like a ton-o-bricks. For example: It will take me 2 days to recover from mowing the yard in the spring time with watery eyes, stuffy nose, sneeze etc. Right now my ears are stopped up and they make a sort of "clicking" sound and I've been lightheaded for about 3 months. It sucks.

    Keep us posted.

  2. Bruised uterus - LOL. Yeah, the nurse called today and said that my blood work was clear, so that's good. The doctor said that she thinks it's just what you said, increased exposure to viruses plus a lack of sleep. That's a great reason to let Levi suck it up and start crying it out at night.


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