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Sunday, August 2, 2009


I swore I would never read Twilight. Well, okay, I didn’t swear, but I seriously had no plans to do it. I just totally didn’t get it. Why in the world would a bunch of MOMS in their late twenties and early thirties want to read about some high schooler vampire? And then they would all swoon over Edward, and it seriously made me cringe. His character is 17! Ewww! I just really didn’t get it and didn’t want to lumped into that group of people - you know...Twilight fans.

So finally the buzz was dying down, and I was soon forgetting about it when out of nowhere Becki writes a blog about finally reading the Twilight series. She said that she was surprised that she actually liked it and that it reminded her that she likes to read (I’m paraphrasing). It was actually just a passing thought tagged onto another blog entry, but I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a shot. I hadn’t read a fiction book in a while (since Jane Eyre before Levi was born - and that was an audiobook), so I was in the mood for some mindless reading. I ended up getting sick while on vacation in Utah, and had nothing better to do in my hotel room while Michael and the boys had fun elsewhere, so I bought the first book.

I wasn’t sold on it at first. I was totally annoyed by Bella and thought she was a whiny, melodramatic teenage girl, self-absorbed even though the author was trying to portray her as selfless. And why in the hell would Edward, if he was so majestic, be interested in this bratty girl. Wasn’t he supposed to be like over 100 years old? And he’s in love with a 17 year old girl? A 25 year old guy wouldn’t be interested in her, let alone some god of a guy. So I finished that book, and I understood it (you have to read it to know what I mean). I still didn’t buy it completely, but I got it.

It was entertaining, and it passed the time. And I started to understand the obsession with Edward. The author writes him very well. The trouble I ran into, though, was that they put the first chapter of the next book in the end of the first book, so as to take advantage of my OCD. I read it, and I couldn’t just leave the rest of it unread. So I bought the second book. I totally didn’t like it until the last few chapters, but, again, it passed the time. They did the same with the third book, so I bought it, too, even though I was reluctant to spend 8 more bucks on the hardback version since the paperback wasn’t out yet. The third was my favorite, so it was a good thing that I bought the fourth when I bought the third.

They were all such easy reads that I started 11 days ago, and I’m almost finished with the fourth book. So I guess in terms of readability and keeping the reader intrigued, it did a good job; I was entertained. I’m still pretty embarrassed that I read them all, but like Becki said, it was really cool that it reminded me that I really like reading fiction books. Staying up late to read a good fiction book is one of my favorite things to do. And these books reminded me of that, so that was a really cool thing to come out it. That’s really good for high schoolers, too, that might be into the books. If a high schooler can gain a love for reading, then they will be so much further ahead in life than a lot of their peers.

So I finally watched the movie tonight, which of course was the first book. And wow....that was really bad. It had such potential to be a really cool movie, and they just really butchered it. It was so disappointing. The acting was terrible - so over-the-top and melodramatic. There was no color to the acting at all. It was always intense and pained. And there was no buildup to the intensity, either. Someone who didn’t read the book would be left wondering why in the world they were so head-over-heels for each other after like 2 days or whatever. I guess that’s always the trouble with making a book into a movie. It’s hard to blame the actors since they’re so young, but a better director might have channelled some of that intensity a little better.

They didn’t capture the essence of the beauty of the vampires (and mainly Edward) nearly as well as the book did. They’re so magical and mystical in the book and notsomuch in the movie. My impression of Bella in the book, however, was spot-on in the film - whiny, melodramatic, overly intense.

At the end credits they used all these cool black and white shots of scenes, and I thought that that would have been such a cool way to do the film - all edgy and artistic. I, at least, would have enjoyed it more. Oh well. I’ll probably wait until New Moon comes out on DVD to watch that one.

OK, so I’m done with my long boring post about Twilight (which I keep wanting to type as Twiglight). Now it’s off my chest, and I’m done with it! Thoughts? Disagreements? Bring ‘em on. Ha ha!


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