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Friday, May 15, 2009

Potty Train Pain

Potty training, like most things in my life for a while now, is a very humbling experience. Just when I think I have this mothering thing down, I get faced with a brand new challenge that reminds me that I'm really just average and think I know a lot more than I actually do.

When it comes to potty training, I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Right now I'm basically just doing what my sister Julie told me to do. It's a little different from what I read about in a book I like, but I just figured that she successfully potty trained 4 kids so she knows what she's doing. I'm hoping to not scar him in any way throughout this process, so I'm piling on the love and affection and praise.

Potty training is just an extremely daunting task to me. It's something that I've dreaded ever since Samuel was born. There are so many ways to go about it, for one. And who really knows what's best. But also, you have to actually train your kid to do something. Therefore, the ultimate success of your endeavor is measured by the output of your kid. I know it's not exactly the same, but I've had two dogs in my adult life, and I was never able to house train either one of them. And the common denominator in this whole scenario is me.

Despite the great stress I feel about it all, Samuel really is doing great. He's rarely having accidents, and tomorrow we're going to try to go without the timer (we were setting the kitchen timer for every 30 minutes.) We're also going to a birthday party next door tomorrow, which I'm a little worried about, but we'll see how it goes.

::sigh:: I'm ready for this to be over (in the sense of it being a success.)

Monday, May 11, 2009


This is a HILARIOUS post from my sweet sister-in-law. Courtney, I'm so glad you have such a good sense of humor. I guess you have to, to be married to Adam. Ha ha!


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