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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crunchiness Revoked

So my crunchiness label is now revoked. Don’t tell all my granola-head friends, but I think I’m going to quit cloth diapering. I feel like a bit of a quitter, but it was just too much for me. I really wish I could handle it because I love the idea – saving the environment, saving money, more natural for the kid, possible earlier potty training, etc. But for real, y’all, it was a lot of work.

Samuel poops at least once a day, but Levi, my gosh, he poops 2-4 times a day. And with each poop I’d have to go to the toilet and spray it off then take it back to the room and throw it in the diaper pail. That doesn’t sound too bad, but when you have a clingy 14 month old crying and trying to chase down your leg, it sucks, not to mention the crappiness of having to keep him out of the toilet while I sprayed said diaper.

Then I’d have to launder them every 2 days, and that wasn’t so bad, it was the getting them out of the dryer and back into the kids’ room that never happened. So then every time I changed a diaper I’d have to go to the dryer to get a diaper and then to the kids’ room to get a wipe and then chase down the kid and change his diaper wherever he was.

And I know this sounds bad because I know the response of cloth diapering moms, but I’ll say it anyway: I hated having to change their diapers so often! I’d have to change them at least every 2 hours, and I’m sorry, but with disposables you don’t have to do that. So to that a cloth diapering mom would say, “Well, you don’t want your baby sitting in pee for that long anyway.” But you know what, disposables do a great job at keeping the pee away from their bottoms, so I’m fine with that.

Ahhh, it feels great to just admit defeat and go back to wasteful living. I’ll plant a couple of trees or something, okay. For real, though, it was stressing me out and was becoming a strain on my home life. I think our family will benefit more greatly from not doing cloth diapering. There, I’ve said it. [defeated but happy]


  1. Annie,

    I may have the solution for you. You can keep your 'granola' peers happy while still keeping momma happy - which is what really matters.

    I personally have not used these, but I have wanted to try them out so you can be my litte experiment.

    Let me know what you think if you use them.


  2. I did look into those a while back, but those liners are the same price as Pampers. Andrea tried them out, so I should get details from her.

  3. Woo hoo! Freedom! :)



    Your transformation to the darkside is now complete. Soon, your kids will be drinking Malt Liquor from their sippy cups. You were but an apprentice but now you are a master of evil. Buahahahahahaha (evil laugh).

    But seriously…

    Life is too short. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Good for you!

  5. BTW, What is the "crunchy" part about the diapers or do I not want to know?

    (from the title)

    When I first read that I thought you gave up eating cheetos or something crazy like that.

  6. Being "crunchy" is basically just "green" in general - organic minded, environment conscious, healthy eating, etc. "Crunchy" comes from the idea of eating a lot of granola, as in "granola heads".

  7. At least you tried. That's what really matters. Kai has outgrown his PF and covers so now I have to decide if I want to buy more or if I stick with 7th gen. Sposies are definately soooo much easier.

  8. Annie,

    I guess I haven't stopped by in awhile. But I do think about TX life from time to time!;)

    Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you for trying (and for quitting) too!

    I really ALWAYS wanted to cloth diaper, but I knew it would be too much for me with twins.

    When I found out that number five was all by his lonesome, I just knew this was my chance to cloth diaper. I got mad at anyone who suggested it might be too much work for me.

    Anyway, a few weeks before Patton was born I decided to pray about my decision. God said, "Nope." I was shocked by that answer, but felt such peace at the same time.

    I think He can be our organic when we need Him to be!

    Lots of love!


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