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Monday, March 9, 2009

Tom Thumb Friendliness

So today I was grocery shopping, and the boys were in the racing car shopping cart. I was putting my bags in the back of the van, and a Tom Thumb employee comes up and does the obligatory pleasantries. And then he's like, "Oh, can I help you put your bags in the van?" And I'm like, "Yeah, that'd be great." I thought he was going to take my cart when I was finished loading my groceries. So I started taking the boys out of the cart (they were in the front of the cart at this point). And the guy's like, "OK, well, you have a great day." And he sticks his hand out for me to shake it. I awkwardly shook his hand back. Then he gives me a hug. Whuut? I was so confused; it all happened so quickly. Then he walked away, without taking my cart. I finished putting the boys in the car and put my cart away, looking over my shoulder the whole time to make sure he wasn't coming back to murder me (you girls know what I mean). Then I got in the car and laughed about it. I figured later that he might have been special needs and not a serial killer. Then I thought it was sweet. I got a hug at Tom Thumb.


  1. Girl, that is a little off and kind of sweet at the same time. I also know what you mean - us girls gotta look over our shoulders!
    Post some pics of those boys! Id love to see how they've grown!!!

  2. LOL!!! I totally just busted out laughing when I read that he hugged you!

  3. HILARIOUS!! I laughed out loud at this! And I do know what you mean about thinking you're going to get murdered. I think about it probably too much......


  4. If it was the Tom Thumb at Bowen and Parkrow, then I think I know who you are talking about. Your assumption is correct. He once tried to pick Liberty up out of the cart and help me get her in the car, and it freaked me out. But then another mom I knew told me he was special needs and I felt a little better.

  5. Ha ha, I would have freaked out, too, Marissa. Once I put two and two together I thought it was pretty sweet.


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