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Monday, March 30, 2009

Lessons Learned from My Recent Trip Home

1. When you’re packing the van to leave, don’t forget to check the back of the bedroom door for the clothes you ironed for the whole family to wear that night on your dinner out.

2. Don’t read to a kid when they’re carsick. It only makes it worse.

3. Dramamine is Samuel’s new best friend and will always be on my packing list from now on, as well as a bucket or large bowl. Nothing makes him sleepy, but at least it took away the motion sickness.

4. If the kid hasn’t had milk that day, the vomit doesn’t smell as bad, so no milk on travel day.

5. Making time for friends is a MUST! For the past 12 years every time I’ve gone home my focus has been entirely on my family, and I have missed out on my friends’ lives. I had the best trip this weekend because I got to see so many old friends (and boy do I mean OLD – j/k). It was very life-giving. So here’s my shout-out (do people still say that) to Stacy, Erica & Dave, Shane & Heidi, Christa, and Jennifer! It was so much fun (and a bit of a mind trip) meeting everyone’s kids! I’m so glad I got to hang out with all of you. I’m not going to make so much time pass before our next get-together. Here are my girls: Heidi, Stacy, me, and Erica, and below is Jennifer and me. (I forgot to take a pic of Christa.)

6. When you’re passing the last Bill Miller BBQ in north Austin, STOP, even if you’re not hungry. You’ll regret it later when you’re eating a cold sandwich from the Target in Temple.

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  1. Holla Dolla!!! Grrrllll, shout out right back at ya!!!!


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