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Monday, March 2, 2009

Bachelor Shmachelor

Well, there goes a whole season of Monday nights that I’ll never get back. I totally wasted my Monday nights on The Bachelor, and the ending totally stunk. I started suspecting about midway through the season that Jason (the bachelor) was a bit overemotional and it annoyed me, but I ignored it. But ever since he let what’s-her-name from Canada go, I knew that he was a flake. He totally followed his emotions, overcomplicated things, and made a mess of things. Deanna even came back and told him, “Lead your heart,” and he totally didn’t.

Anyway, I swear to you that I am not wasting my time on that stupid show anymore! It’s made for a whole bunch of people that are probably bad at relationships anyway, which is why they would go on a reality show to find love anyway. There’s my rant. I’m done with that show!


  1. I never, ever would have figured you for a Bachelor-watching person. I'm sorry that it disappointed you!

  2. LOL. You got PWNED by the bachelor! Bad TV will do that to you. It sucks you in and leaves you disappointed in hindsight.

    ...we all know it...

    But we keep watching anyway. :-P

  3. I wished I'd known you watched it because I was needing someone to vent to on Monday. Too funny! I said I'd never watch it again too...but I just found out Jillian (from Canada) is the next can I not watch. I loved her!! So when the time comes and you are sucked in me because I will be there too! Ugh!


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