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Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Izzat Mine?"

Samuel has been in the “Mine” phase lately, except he says, “Izzat my (insert toy here)?” So whenever Levi starts playing with something he wants, he’ll grab it from Levi and look at me and with a frustrated tone say, “Izzat my truck (or whatever)?” so that I can’t get mad at him, because afterall, it’s his, right? He usually does get reminded that it’s nice to share even if something is his. And he usually gets time-out if his “Izzat mine?” is accompanied by a push or a hit.

So yesterday I was letting Samuel roam the house nude in an effort to get him to go to the potty (he only wants to go in his diaper). He didn’t, of course, but it was a great setup for something funny to happen. So I’m laying on the couch because I’m sick. Samuel’s laying belly-down on the floor beside the couch. And Levi’s wandering around. Levi starts trying to climb up on the couch with me, and he's using Samuel’s butt as a step-stool. Samuel turns angrily around and says, “Izzat my butt?” Oh man, I lost it. Hilarious.


  1. Oh my gosh that's so cute. Adorable aren't they. I love your blog, take care XXX

  2. Thanks! Glad to see I have an international audience. Ha ha!

  3. Aunt Linda told me about this story tonight. I can just hear Samuel saying somthing like this. So funny, thanks for sharing. Mimi


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