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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Neighborhood Nerds

The street that is perpendicular to ours around the corner is a block that Michael and I really like. The houses are all cute and painted with fresh trends. They always seem to decorate for holidays more than our block does. And the curvaceousness of the road and trees make it very appealing.

There is one house in particular that we would always joke about as we passed it saying, "Oh hey guys. We'll catcha later, we're busy right now," like they were our friends because we secretly wished they were. We liked their house, their cars, their decorating and landscaping. We were disappointed when they put an Obama sign out on their lawn, but I digress.

Last Sunday Michael was walking Levi around outside, and he met this guy that lives down the street. He has a family with 3 small kids, and his wife is a stay at home mom. The guy said that that street that we like was having a big Halloween party and we were welcome to come. Evidently the whole street and our street knows each other, and they all hang out all the time. They have parties for every holiday and showers whenever any of them are pregnant, and they just hang out. All of the stay at home moms hang out all the time, too.

So he told us to meet them at the stop sign that intersect our two streets at 7:00 and that everyone would trick or treat down the block and end up at the house where the party would be on the end of the block. We were so excited to finally meet these people with the cute houses. Would we like them? Would they be cool? Would they like us? Would we have anything in common? Could we be a part of their neighborhood click? Would we want to be?

So we took the kids first to this church that was having their fall festival and left in time to meet this elite group at the stop sign. We got home at about 6:55, dropped some stuff off inside the house real quick, then rushed outside to meet them. No one was there yet, so we went down our street trick or treating as we waited on them. 7:00 still no sign of said crowd. We felt a little stupid and forgotten, but we decided to trick or treat down the street anyway. We got about halfway down the block and ran into someone we knew from a while back. She, too, invited us to this party, although we were having second thoughts about going at this point.

We finally made it down to the end of the block to the house where the party was being held. The house was all abuzz. Kids and adults alike were dressed up as fun characters. We awkwardly stood near the door with our kids trying to decide if we were going to just trick or treat or ask to come into the party. We felt stupid and dorky. So we defaulted to just letting Samuel trick or treat it when the wife of the guy that Michael met on the street a week ago recognized our family and invited us in. Shew! That was my first hint that this might be a very welcoming crowd.

We walked in and everyone couldn't have been more friendly and welcoming. It was bizarrely pleasant. It was so pleasant that I wondered a couple times if they were all multi-level marketers or swingers or something. We made it through the whole night, though, without being solicited anything. It turned out to be just a really friendly, warm, modern Norman Rockwell type of neighborhood gathering.

We were so glad we decided to go. We couldn't believe that we have lived here 3 1/2 years and hadn't met these people yet. They were a little surprised, too. People kept asking if we were new to the neighborhood, and I was embarrassed to keep telling them how long we've lived here and before that Michael had lived across the street since he was 6 months old. But as one of the girls there said, now we're "in", so whenever we smell a grill going we are to invite ourselves over. Maybe we won't be neighborhood nerds anymore!


  1. Hahaha! I'm glad they didn't turn out to be swingers!

    What a crazy experience. I think I know which street you are talking about. Interesting that you never found out that such a "club" existed before. I mean, how did they all meet each other?

  2. I don't know, but all it takes is a few extroverts to get the job done.

  3. Very interesting. Very awkward! Adam and I would be the same way. . . lol!


  4. Haha. That's really amazing. I'm glad you guys had a good time and make some new friends in the 'hood!


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