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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things I Want

I happened across this *amazing* website the other day. I was looking for something on which to store all of my wish-list items. You know, you're surfing the internet and come across something that you'd love to have but can't buy right now. Well, you don't want to put them all in your bookmarks because it gets so cluttery and you just forget about it anyway. You need a way to manage this treasuretrove of ideas.

So I found Things I Want. I love it! I started a wish-list on there, so now I can store all the things I want, and I can go back and look and buy or re-sort. Or others can peek at my list, too. Tacky, I know, especially if you broadcast on your blog that you have a list, but helpful nonetheless. You can also see if other people have a list on there. Also, if you're having a shower you can use that as your registry if you don't want to have to just register at one store. Do your spouse or your mom a favor and definitely start your own list before Christmas!

Disclaimer: There may be a better list thing out there, but this was the first I came across that did exactly what I wanted it to do. Feel free to let me know of a better one out there that you might know of.


  1. Janele from ArizonaThursday, September 04, 2008

    Hey Arlington Mama,

    I think it's a great idea too, but I use something cooler looking- You can start a lifestyle registry there and there's even a cool button you can install on your browser so whenever you see something you like you click on it and it instantly adds it on your registry. I must admit, some of the stuff I've added I'll probly never be able to afford to buy- but it's nice to dream!And when my birthday or a holiday comes up, I drop hints on it -my boyfriend doesn't always know what to get me :)

    Nice tidbit, blog on girlfriend!


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