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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Sweet New Ride

Oh yeah, baby, I've got a sweet new ride. I can't believe that I finally have a minivan! And that I'm so excited about it. I never thought I'd get one, but after having kids, I really see the value in them.

Michael and I saved our pennies and nickels and got ourselves a shiny new (to us) '06 Toyota Sienna. It's not the color we prefer, but we got a good deal on it. You should have seen Michael haggling with the salesman. It was SWEEET.

They're going to tint the windows in case you were wondering...

Little League soccer fields - HERE I COME!!!


  1. Oh yeah! Never thought I'd be replying to this post or saying that I'm a little envious. Sure would be nice to have all that space.:)

    Congrats Soccer Mom!

  2. Nice ride, gurr! :) Now your cars match!

  3. Oooooh I love it! I bet you look like a HOT MAMMA driving that thing around! :) Well, welcome to the club girl! Its not that bad is it???


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