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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crying Fool

So on Sunday at church they had this little video to honor the high school graduates for their big accomplishment (which Michael says is debatable, but I digress). When the pastor announced that they were about to show the video, I though, ‘Oh boy, here we go,’ not expecting to be totally enraptured in the video, especially since I don’t really know any of the kids.

It was basically a slideshow with slow pans and zooms over pictures of all of the seniors with some sentimental music playing over it. For each one of them they had a picture from when they were a baby, a kid, a preteen, and then their senior pictures with their names typed in a pretty font and “Seniors ‘08” or something to that effect.

So I’m sitting there watching it, and I suddenly have tears pouring out of my eyes. Whuuut! I wipe them away, making sure not to mess up my makeup. Seconds later, the tears come again! I lean over to Michael and whisper, “I can’t stop crying.” We quietly laughed about it, then I sent him to get me some tissue before the lights came back on and people saw that I was crying.

It’s so cliché to even say that it’s cliché, but time really does go by fast, especially when you have kids. Seeing the baby pictures of those seniors really made that cliché so real for me. Those baby pictures were taken in 1990! That wasn’t that long ago; I was in middle school in 1990.

I then imagined little Samuel and Levi’s baby pictures up there and tried to see them as 18-year-old boys about to leave home for college. Gosh! The tears are about to come again! You get the point.


  1. The tears came for me reading this! Things like that mean so much more to me now.
    But, I've been known to start crying at my little sister's basketball games and nephew's christmas programs too.
    There is nothing wrong with realizing how precious life's little moments are:)

  2. aww!!! You're so sweet, Analdo!

  3. Just wait, before the high school graduation comes the kindergarten graduation! Let me just say, take A LOT of tissue in your purse. And yes, time really does fly.


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