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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Little Levi

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we’re almost out of the first two weeks of Levi’s infancy! The first two are the hardest, in my opinion, so I’m just about out of the woods. Levi has been such a champ these two weeks. He’s really a low-maintenance baby. I refrain from saying “good” baby, because the fact that other babies, like Samuel, cried a lot doesn’t make them “bad” babies; it just makes them “high-need” babies. Yes, Samuel was definitely high-need. He had GERD from the beginning and cried just about all day and well into the night. Poor thing. I felt so bad for him because there was very little that I could do for him (the medication helped, though). Levi rarely cries, although, he really likes to be held, which I’m totally fine with. He spends a lot of time in my sling carrier.

Breastfeeding was a great challenge, especially the first week. I was oh so close to quitting. I was planning my trip to Babies-R-Us to buy bottles as I was on my way to the lactation consultant’s office. I was talking myself into it and listing off all the positive aspects of bottle-feeding to Michael as he drove. The pain of breastfeeding was completely unbearable at times. After one feeding in which I cried out in pain for most of it, I sat on my glider and sobbed for about 5 minutes because I was so tired of hurting. Now, if I was reading this a month ago as if someone else wrote it I’d be saying, “Well, you probably just had latch problems, because it’s not supposed to hurt.” Yes, thank you, Judgmental Annie. I did have latch problems, but it was mainly the fault of Levi’s tongue-tie (when the frenulum is too tight underneath the tongue). I had a few other issues, but I think that was the big one. We got it clipped last Monday, and things have improved little by little each day. Today it hardly hurts at all.

I can’t believe that I almost quit! This was something that I wanted to work out so badly, and I just had to make small goals for myself– just make it until the lactation consultant visit tomorrow; just make it until Monday when we get the tongue-clip. Now we’re smooth-sailing! This time last week, though, I was so hopeless. Something valuable that I learned, though, was to reach out to people that have experience and wisdom in the area that I’m lacking. I sought a lot of help from the lactation consultants; I emailed my nursing mom friends; I put several messages on a breastfeeding support forum that I’m a part of; and I went to a La Leche League meeting to ask for help. All of those things were necessary in the success of our breastfeeding relationship. If I had not done just one of those things, then I might still be having issues now. Why am I so afraid to ask for help sometimes? It makes life so much easier! Also, it allows others to share in your victories, and it makes them feel good about themselves, too.

Another big question that people keep asking me is how Samuel is handling the transition. I think he’s doing pretty well. Every now and then he’ll get jealous, but for the most part he loves the baby. He constantly wants to point out and declare where Levi’s nose is, as well as his head, hands, ears, mouth, cheeks, and eyes (although we discourage this one as he tends to poke his fingers into his eyes). He also tells me when Levi’s crying, which is the sweetest thing in the world.

I love having two boys. It feels like a family now.

Oh, and if you want to see some really ugly pictures of me and cute ones of Levi and Samuel, you can read about his birth on Samuel's blog.

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  1. I think, as Moms, we sometimes have this innate need to figure things out on our own. I'm guilty of that too and its something I too have been working on!
    I'm so happy that everything's going smoothly now.

    Your boys are precious and you look so adorable on Samuel's blog-not ugly at all.

    Now we both know to ask for help-I wish I had called you before Cooper's ear infection so I would have known about the Lactinex early on!

    Love you!!!!


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