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Friday, February 8, 2008


"Woh's" and "Mote" have become a part of my son's vocabulary, and I'm not sure that that's a very good thing. At first it was cute. Everything starts out that way. Then I started to wonder if I was headed down a slippery slope!

"Woh's" means "Wiggles", and "Mote" means "Remote", as in, "Turn on The Wiggles with the remote, Mom!" (It's funny, too, that he doesn't care that The Wiggles are like so 5 years ago.)

At first we kind of forced him to watch The Wiggles. (We're really cheap, so we don't buy DVDs on our own. We borrowed this one from Mimi's house.) It was the first thing on TV that Samuel would actually sit still to watch. At first he would watch it for about 10 minutes straight, and that was valuable time that I could load or unload the dishwasher or cook dinner or whatever. So, like any desperate (and resourceful) mother, I kept it in the DVD player ready for such an occasion that I would need it. Now, I bet I could play it over and over all day long, and he would sit there for the whole day and watch it, literally.

Am I creating a couch potato! I hope not. What's so ironic about The Wiggles is that their goal is to get the kids up and dancing and singing. All of their songs have movements and dances, and they make it easy enough for the kids to follow along, but do you think any kids actually do that? I mean, really? Michael and I have both tried to get up and do the silly dances with Samuel, and he just laughs at us from his cozy position on the couch.

I really do try to get him moving as much as possible, though. [Assuring you that I really am a good mom.] We go to the park, play outside, clean up the house, etc. But if I need 38 minutes of uninterrupted, no-kid-hanging-off-my-leg time, I always know where to turn.

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