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Saturday, February 2, 2008

The "One Eyebrow Raise" Songs

I love a song that makes you raise one eyebrow as you sing it, a song that makes you feel like you're the [you know what]. I've had one of these songs in my head for the past hour or so: "Play with Fire" by the Rolling Stones. The one-eyebrow raise part goes, "But don't play with me or you're playin' with fire." Oooh…that's right…you imagine telling people as you drive down the road singing it.

Never in real life would I feel that a situation would warrant me saying that to anyone [laughing just thinking about it], but as the song plays I feel it ring true. :P

"Irreplaceable" by Beyonce is another good one-eyebrow raising song. Leave a comment if you can think of any other songs that make you have attitude, shift your head from side to side, and raise that eyebrow as you sing driving down the road? You know what I'm talking about; you've all done it when no one is watching…especially you girls.

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