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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Newest News

Well, besides Samuel beginning to say "bananas" with an Australian accent, the latest news entails my last doctor's visit. If you care about the minutia of my pregnancy, then read ahead. If not, then navigate elsewhere. :)

So they wanted to do another sonogram since my belly is rather large. I keep telling them I'm not surprised, but they just want to be careful, which I'm fine with. They said that they thought I had a large amount of amniotic fluid, and they want to monitor that.

Well, they were right. The amount that they usually say is "a lot" is 24cm of fluid (don't understand how it's in cm, but whatever), and I had 36cm. They also estimated Levi at weighing 9lbs. 2oz. at 37 weeks.

When they measured my belly I was 46cm, and if you don't know, you're "supposed" to be about 1cm per week pregnant. So normal would have been 37cm. He said that I'm measuring like I have twins. So I guess I shouldn't be getting too mad at people when they ask if I'm having twins.

Oh, also, Levi's head and belly are large, but his arms and legs are normal. Sounds like his big brother!

My doctor's office now does the 3-D sonograms for free, which is cool. She couldn't get a really clear picture because of his position, but it's still not bad. Here's his precious picture. I think he looks like Samuel!


  1. Minutia - great word!! Also, I think he looks like Samuel, too! Can't wait to meet him!

  2. I must agree that minutia is a great word. :)
    He's a cutie, Annie! You do not look like you're expecting twins at all. You look beautiful!
    Its hilarious that Samuel even has the Wiggles Australian accent. haha.


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