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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Blogs and Bangs

So I'm blogging a lot lately because late in pregnancy one tends to get insomnia, at least I do. Samuel's getting his molars, so he wakes up screaming, and it takes him a long time to calm back down. That, in turn, wakes me up completely, as if I've had a double-shot of espresso. So I retreat to the laptop in hopes that it will make me sleepy, but it usually just wakes me up more. It does get my mind off the frustration of being completely awake, though.

Sleeping is also not the most comfortable thing I can do nowadays. I'm a back-sleeper, and, being pregnant, I have to sleep on my side which is so not so comfortable for me, even with my big Snoogle pillow. As I lay in bed I keep fantasizing about the day that I give birth and I can lay on my back in that comfortable hospital bed that reclines just as much as I want it to. [Aahhh…] Until then…

So I'm growing out my bangs, and I think every girl can relate to the drudgery that entails. At first you just look like you're in need of a haircut. Then you get to the phase that you're trying to pin them to the side forever. (I can't seem to make this cute.) Then it eventually looks like a layer of hair, but it's not shaped as well as a layer. Then there's the glorious day that it becomes part of your regular hair, and your hairdresser even trims it because it's long enough! You thought that day would never come, but, alas, you're free!

I saw a greeting card once that said, "Congratulations!" On the inside: "You grew out your bangs!" I could so relate to the joy of that moment being commemorated by receiving a greeting card. [Hint. Hint.]

I hate growing out my bangs, but I guess it needs to be done. I thought it was cute having them, especially when I wore a ponytail, but Michael didn't much care for them. I could say, "Who cares if he doesn't like them; I'm keeping them," but, really, no one wants to feel unattractive to their spouse. There are plenty of restrictions I put on him (i.e. no facial hair, his hair can't be too short, etc.), so I guess I'll give in to this one.

Anyway….it's 5AM, and my baby shower is today. I should try to sleep.

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