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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Baby Prep

Well, I’m up again. It’s 6:49 on a Saturday morning, and I can’t sleep. Samuel woke up wanting milk, and I told Michael to get it, but at first he didn’t want to. So I said I'd get it. Then he said that he would, but I got up anyway. I should have let him, because I knew that if I got up that I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep, and here I am. Oh well. I kind of like being able to get on the computer and fiddle around the house while everyone’s asleep and Samuel’s not trying to bang on my keyboard. I’m also getting ready to be up all night pretty soon.

The common question that people keep asking me now is if I’m ready. My answer is always yes and no – to which they say, “Well, you look ready! You’re about to burst!” But I digress…I am ready to see my sweet little boy and start life with him. I’m so excited to hold him (and to get him out of my ever-expanding abdomen.) I’m also more than ready when it comes to practical preparations. I can’t think of anything else I need or have to do before Monday (except a few everyday household chores). But, nonetheless, I lay in bed with my mind racing trying to come up with stuff. I’m also a bit nervous about the hard work of it all, not that I can’t do it, just that I know that it’s going to be hard.

Also, what in the world! My body is not cooperating with things! On top of a sinus infection, my doctor’s office called me yesterday and told me that I have a bladder infection! Are you serious! So I’m on two different antibiotics that I can’t take at the same time of day. The one for the sinus infection ends on Sunday, which is good. But I’m not going to be able to finish the one for the bladder infection before Monday, and I can’t take it while I’m breastfeeding. Here’s to hoping it goes away without a full run of antibiotics! Pass the cranberry juice! Seriously, if anyone has any good home remedies for bladder infections/UTIs, I’m all ears.

Well, my next post will probably be a sweet little birth announcement. My surgery is on Monday the 25th at 12:30. I’m so excited! Please be praying that everything goes well.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Newest News

Well, besides Samuel beginning to say "bananas" with an Australian accent, the latest news entails my last doctor's visit. If you care about the minutia of my pregnancy, then read ahead. If not, then navigate elsewhere. :)

So they wanted to do another sonogram since my belly is rather large. I keep telling them I'm not surprised, but they just want to be careful, which I'm fine with. They said that they thought I had a large amount of amniotic fluid, and they want to monitor that.

Well, they were right. The amount that they usually say is "a lot" is 24cm of fluid (don't understand how it's in cm, but whatever), and I had 36cm. They also estimated Levi at weighing 9lbs. 2oz. at 37 weeks.

When they measured my belly I was 46cm, and if you don't know, you're "supposed" to be about 1cm per week pregnant. So normal would have been 37cm. He said that I'm measuring like I have twins. So I guess I shouldn't be getting too mad at people when they ask if I'm having twins.

Oh, also, Levi's head and belly are large, but his arms and legs are normal. Sounds like his big brother!

My doctor's office now does the 3-D sonograms for free, which is cool. She couldn't get a really clear picture because of his position, but it's still not bad. Here's his precious picture. I think he looks like Samuel!

Friday, February 8, 2008


"Woh's" and "Mote" have become a part of my son's vocabulary, and I'm not sure that that's a very good thing. At first it was cute. Everything starts out that way. Then I started to wonder if I was headed down a slippery slope!

"Woh's" means "Wiggles", and "Mote" means "Remote", as in, "Turn on The Wiggles with the remote, Mom!" (It's funny, too, that he doesn't care that The Wiggles are like so 5 years ago.)

At first we kind of forced him to watch The Wiggles. (We're really cheap, so we don't buy DVDs on our own. We borrowed this one from Mimi's house.) It was the first thing on TV that Samuel would actually sit still to watch. At first he would watch it for about 10 minutes straight, and that was valuable time that I could load or unload the dishwasher or cook dinner or whatever. So, like any desperate (and resourceful) mother, I kept it in the DVD player ready for such an occasion that I would need it. Now, I bet I could play it over and over all day long, and he would sit there for the whole day and watch it, literally.

Am I creating a couch potato! I hope not. What's so ironic about The Wiggles is that their goal is to get the kids up and dancing and singing. All of their songs have movements and dances, and they make it easy enough for the kids to follow along, but do you think any kids actually do that? I mean, really? Michael and I have both tried to get up and do the silly dances with Samuel, and he just laughs at us from his cozy position on the couch.

I really do try to get him moving as much as possible, though. [Assuring you that I really am a good mom.] We go to the park, play outside, clean up the house, etc. But if I need 38 minutes of uninterrupted, no-kid-hanging-off-my-leg time, I always know where to turn.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


There are few things that I loathe to do more than cleaning out poop from a tub-full of water with a toddler in it. It's got to be done, but, my gosh, is it gross! One can only hope for a hard-poop, but every now and then you're cursed with one that colors the whole tub of water.

I'm pretty calm and collected as I clean it up. (It's a defense mechanism, I'm sure.) I have my yellow rubber gloves on. I start the water draining. I take the poop out. I take all the toys out. I hose my son down again and bathe him over again. I sanitize all the toys and clean the tub out really well.

It's fine. I'm a mom. That's what we do. We clean up a lot of poop. A LOT of poop. Sometimes it's in a diaper. Sometimes it's not. Whatever.

The thing that gets me, though, is thinking about it later. That's when the gag reflex usually kicks in. I'll walk into the bathroom and remember the scene from earlier. I'll remember feeling the poop through my rubber glove…the smell after the water has drained…the frustration at my son when he tries to pick up the undigested raisins from his poop…the anger I feel when he splashes the water....

Yep, that's when the gag reflex kicks in.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Blogs and Bangs

So I'm blogging a lot lately because late in pregnancy one tends to get insomnia, at least I do. Samuel's getting his molars, so he wakes up screaming, and it takes him a long time to calm back down. That, in turn, wakes me up completely, as if I've had a double-shot of espresso. So I retreat to the laptop in hopes that it will make me sleepy, but it usually just wakes me up more. It does get my mind off the frustration of being completely awake, though.

Sleeping is also not the most comfortable thing I can do nowadays. I'm a back-sleeper, and, being pregnant, I have to sleep on my side which is so not so comfortable for me, even with my big Snoogle pillow. As I lay in bed I keep fantasizing about the day that I give birth and I can lay on my back in that comfortable hospital bed that reclines just as much as I want it to. [Aahhh…] Until then…

So I'm growing out my bangs, and I think every girl can relate to the drudgery that entails. At first you just look like you're in need of a haircut. Then you get to the phase that you're trying to pin them to the side forever. (I can't seem to make this cute.) Then it eventually looks like a layer of hair, but it's not shaped as well as a layer. Then there's the glorious day that it becomes part of your regular hair, and your hairdresser even trims it because it's long enough! You thought that day would never come, but, alas, you're free!

I saw a greeting card once that said, "Congratulations!" On the inside: "You grew out your bangs!" I could so relate to the joy of that moment being commemorated by receiving a greeting card. [Hint. Hint.]

I hate growing out my bangs, but I guess it needs to be done. I thought it was cute having them, especially when I wore a ponytail, but Michael didn't much care for them. I could say, "Who cares if he doesn't like them; I'm keeping them," but, really, no one wants to feel unattractive to their spouse. There are plenty of restrictions I put on him (i.e. no facial hair, his hair can't be too short, etc.), so I guess I'll give in to this one.

Anyway….it's 5AM, and my baby shower is today. I should try to sleep.

The "One Eyebrow Raise" Songs

I love a song that makes you raise one eyebrow as you sing it, a song that makes you feel like you're the [you know what]. I've had one of these songs in my head for the past hour or so: "Play with Fire" by the Rolling Stones. The one-eyebrow raise part goes, "But don't play with me or you're playin' with fire." Oooh…that's right…you imagine telling people as you drive down the road singing it.

Never in real life would I feel that a situation would warrant me saying that to anyone [laughing just thinking about it], but as the song plays I feel it ring true. :P

"Irreplaceable" by Beyonce is another good one-eyebrow raising song. Leave a comment if you can think of any other songs that make you have attitude, shift your head from side to side, and raise that eyebrow as you sing driving down the road? You know what I'm talking about; you've all done it when no one is watching…especially you girls.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Big Baby

My baby is so dang big. I'm not complaining, just remarking. I'd rather have a big baby than a super small baby because they tend to be healthier, at least it seems that way. But he's pretty big. It just runs in the family. My sister's kids were all around 10 pounds, and I was 10lbs. 4oz. No big deal, just hereditary.

At 34 weeks the sonogram estimated that little Levi weighed 6lbs. 8oz. That's big since he's supposed to keep growing for 6 more weeks. And I'm not surprised since Samuel was 10lbs. 13oz. when he was born.

I wouldn't mind so much as long as people weren't idiots. Seriously, who doesn't know that you're NEVER under ANY circumstances supposed to ask a pregnant woman if she's having twins! At least two people have asked me this, and they're WOMEN! You also aren't supposed to use the expression, "You look like you're going to pop." That's just rude, folks, especially when I still had 2 months to go. And, yes, my belly enters the room long before I do, but don't tell me that you noticed that.

Offer me your seat. Hold the door for me. Let me cut in line. Tell me I'm glowing. But do not ask me how I'm not tipping over. Come on…seriously. Don't you know that I'm hormonal and can blow at any moment. Just ask the cashier at Tom Thumb or the sales clerk at Fry's. I'm sure they'll think twice next time they encounter a mom-to-be.


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